“From 1977 to today

Dear Customer,

Our firm was established in 1977 in Ankara, to supply the demand for high quality transformers for the newly emerging electronic and electric sector in Turkey.

Over the years we have broadened our product variety and customer base with a firm focus on customer satisfaction based quality understanding. The reliablety of our products are approved by obtaining ISO 9001-2000 certificate as well as CE mark. Our ever increasing customer portfolio has expanded our product variety and has made 2VA to 20 kVA monophase, from 0,1 KVA to 500 KVA triphase, 10 VA to 10 KVA toroidal transformers, UI type and triphase inverter and rectifier transformers, C-Core transformers, filters, voltage stabiliziers, high frequency ferrit core transformers and windings, nickel ferrit laminated and ferrit laminated audio transformers (especially for tube amplifiers). In addition we customize and oreentate efficiently our customers requires with our experianced personel and specific softwares.


Understanding Needs

We understand the vast range of electrical and mechanical requirements our clients have for their projects. That is why we offer custom design on all of our magnetic component product offerings to meet your individual project needs.

High Technology

At EKA quality is always the top priority. We continually strive for 100% customer satisfaction through improvement of our policies and procedures. To help achieve this goal, EKA is TSE, ISO 9001-2001 and CE certified.

Experienced 50+ Staff

We are proud of our experienced 50 member of staff, over 50 percent of which have 10 or more years vested with EKA.

Delivery On Time

EKA is committed to provide quality products on time that exceed customer expectations and comply with all requirements. We ensure success through the adherence to an effective quality management system based on continual improvement and customer satisfaction

Customer Feedback

A quality product requires quality materials and quality labor. We reflect the advanced technology we have to our products by blending it with our modern business approach.


Our Vision: To be the most reliable brand among global solution providers in its sector.

Our Mission: To produce competitive transformers that add value to our customers' products with the use of advanced technologies, international quality standards and differentiating designs.